Building Our Story, One Location at a Time

When you choose C&E Wurzer Builders in Janesville, you're choosing home remodeling contractors with a long history of success. You're choosing a family business that welcomes you, and we'll treat you as if you're one of our own. You're choosing quality production and services, and exceptional customer service that C&E Wurzer has always been known for.

Your Home Remodeling Contractors in Southern Wisconsin

Much like a good house, any good story starts with a strong foundation. C&E Wurzer's foundation began with the values of family, quality, honesty and experience that stretches back 50 years. It's built upon two brothers and their combined passion for remodeling, fixing, building and constructing quality homes that families in Eau Claire and Northeastern Wisconsin could be proud of. What started as a company specializing in exterior and interior remodeling has now grown into a construction company that boasts an impressive showroom and many beautiful, award-winning custom homes that attest to our expertise.

When You Choose C&E Wurzer, You're Choosing to be Part of our Story

Our story doesn't stop here, though. At C&E Wurzer Builders, our building is never done, and that includes the construction of our own company. We knew that, given our expertise and experience, there were many families throughout Wisconsin that could benefit from our help. That's when we thought to build an addition to our company — an additional C&E Wurzer Builders in the heart of Southern Wisconsin. With this expansion, we knew we could bring years of professionalism and experience in creating quality homes to great families. Thus, C&E Wurzer Construction in Janesville was born.

Different Location, Same Great Quality

Sometimes expanding and evolving a business means losing touch with the original roots that serve as a company's foundation. Rest assured, this isn't the case with us. C&E Wurzer Construction continues to exemplify the same professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our customers that we were founded on in Eau Claire. While we have two different locations, we still have have the same passion for building quality homes for families throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We also have the same high standards for providing exceptional customer service. With a company foundation as strong as ours, C&E Wurzer Construction in Janesville guarantees to offer quality:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Remodeling
  • Home Building Services

We're proud of our work in Eau Claire, and we're excited to continue building our future in Southern Wisconsin. C&E Wurzer Construction in Janesville will continue the tradition of creating long-lasting relationships with our customers that are as solid as the homes we build. We're confident that with our quality roofing and siding services, we'll make families in Southern Wisconsin feel safe in their homes. Our Janesville location now let's us help build future families and homes in:

  • Southern Wisconsin
  • Gurnee, Illinois and surrounding area

Award-Winning Results for Your Family

C&E Wurzer Builders in Eau Claire boasts an exceptional showroom and award-winning, custom homes. We're building the same type of success right here in Janesville. While we can build quality custom homes to accommodate your family, our specialty lies in roofing and siding. Whether you're looking for a repair or brand new siding or roofing, C&E Wurzer will take care of you as if you were part of our own family. With our award-winning reputation, let C&E Wurzer Construction provide the service you and your home deserve.

Protecting the Heart of Your Home Starts with C&E Wurzer

Though C&E Wurzer Construction was founded on experience and expertise, one our core values is family. As a family company, we understand that the very heart and pulse of your home is your family. This is why we guarantee to provide roofing and siding that will protect your family for years to come. C&E Wurzer Construction can help you weather any storm with peace of mind knowing that you have a quality roof over your head.

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