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C&E Wurzer Construction has been building custom homes in southern Wisconsin for many years. Though we haven’t always been in Janesville, Wisconsin, C&E Wurzer Construction has provided quality housing, no matter the location. We understand that where you reside isn’t just a house, it's your home.

Your home should reflect your lifestyle, your family, and the years of memories you’ll make there. In short, your home is where life happens. This is why we believe in customizing the rooms of your home to be exactly the way you want them to be.

Bringing Your Custom Home to Life

C&E Wurzer Construction is your choice custom home builder based out of Janesville, Wisconsin. We have a long history of sharing our expertise in building custom homes in Janesville, Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois.

We draw from experience that extends back 50 years, so you know you and your family are in good hands. Not only will C&E Construction build a home that will protect your family, but it’ll be the perfect backdrop for your everyday life. We’ll make your dream home function the way you need it to, while incorporating the smaller details that will truly make the house your home.

We’ll take care of everything, from drafting a design of your future home, to forming the foundation, to placing the final hardwood floor board. We are dedicated to making your custom home the best that it can be, so that you’ll be proud to entertain guests and host gatherings for years to come. Contact C&E Wurzer Construction to find out how to work with us. You’re only a phone call away from pouring the foundation of the home of your dreams.

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