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Your home is at the center of your family. After all, this isn’t just where you live — it’s where life happens. Because of this, C&E Wurzer Construction wants to provide the best home for you and your family as possible. Your family is continually growing and changing, and C&E Wurzer Construction knows that means your home needs to grow and change with you. We will provide quality and professional remodeling services to give your home the tune-up it may need. Whether you need a custom kitchen, a kitchen design, or a custom bathroom we guarantee you will be pleased with the quality of our work!

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At C&E Wurzer Construction, no home improvement need is too big or too small. Though we specialize in remodeling and home updates, we’ll also assist in roofing, siding and foundation repairs. Families of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois look to us when their homes are in transition: Think growing families, damage from storms, or even just updating your home to move with the times. Our restoration work is about attention to both aesthetics and efficiency, making sure houses are as easy on the wallet as they are on eyes. From remodeling to roofing to siding, look to us to tend to the heart of your family — your home!

C&E Wurzer Construction is Your Choice for Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms

At C&E Wurzer Construction takes the most pride in creating custom kitchens, quality kitchen designs, and custom bathrooms . For many people, having a custom kitchen is crucial to making a home and family function. It’s where you celebrate large events such as holidays and birthdays. More importantly, it’s where everyday moments are made and shared over a meal or morning coffee. Let C&E Wurzer Construction design a custom kitchen where you and your family can create more memories for years to come.

Much like the kitchen, the bathrooms in a home need to be functional in order to meet your family’s needs. It’s difficult for a family to share one bathroom, or to have a bathroom that is shared by three people, but only has one sink. C&E Wurzer Construction can build a custom bathroom that will function the way your family needs it to. If your family has expanded and the number of bathrooms in your home isn’t enough, we can build an additional bathroom for your family, too. Contact C&E Wurzer Construction to get start on your custom bathroom or kitchen design, today!

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